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The Answers You Need

No.  We ask that teams respect the facility and refrain from hanging or otherwise affixing signs, banners, and other promotional material to facility surfaces, floors, and structures.

Can we hang team banners?

While we will be making some attempt to assess scores at the end of each match, this event is a scrimmage.  Points are unofficial and will not contribute to your ranking at Regional Competitions.

Do our scores count?

That's okay!  We'd much rather you discover that your robot is overweight or violates a rule at our event than at a far-away regional competition.  You'll still be able to compete in our scrimmage (provided there aren't serious safety issues) and test out your machines.  It's better you practice driving and break things here than at the official competition.

What if our robot is illegal?

Yes!  Test out your scouting and data analytics systems, as long as your being courteous to other guests and spectators around you.  Any powered electronics (laptops, servers, etc.) must be self-powered.  Do not run extension cables to the stands or create other safety concerns.

Can we scout from the stands?

We recommend teams limit themselves to 10 people in the Aux gym at a time.  Charger Robotics will not be strictly enforcing this rule, but may ask teams to reduce individuals in the pits if it poses a safety or traffic flow issue.

Is the number of people allowed in the Pits limited?

Charger Robotics will issue refunds for teams unable to make the event through Saturday, Februrary 10, 2024. 


Please let us know ( early so that teams on the wait list have an opportunity to organize themselves and compete in your place.

Our robot broke.  Can we get a refund?

  • Charger Robotics is hosting the 24th annual Sussex Scrimmage, an unofficial "week zero" FIRST Robotics Competition event that allows 25 FRC teams to accelerate their competitive readiness by:

    • artificially shortening the (now endless) build season

    • providing a forum for training, idea-sharing, and knowledge transfer

    • offering inspection stations and match play to test machines, practice driving, and catch issues early

    • boosting team member enthusiasm and morale with a fun atmosphere

  • FREE to the public!

    Individual attendees (spectators, team members, and the general public) do not need to purchase tickets to gain entry.

    FRC Team Registration

    Participating FRC teams pay a registration fee to help Charger Robotics offset the costs of custodians, facilities, rentals, snow removal, etc.  The registration fee is $300 per team.

    Contact to register and join the waitlist.  Charger Robotics will send an invoice with instructions for payment.

  • This event is hosted by Charger Robotics at Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin.


    Hamilton High School

    W220N6151 Town Line Rd

    Sussex, WI  53089

    Directions from I-94

    • Take Exit 295 and turn North onto Redford Blvd "F"

    • Turn right onto Lisbon Rd "K" (East)

    • Turn left onto Town Line Rd (North)

    • HHS will be on your left (past Casey's)

    Directions from I-41

    • Take Exit 46 and turn West onto Silver Spring Dr "VV"

    • Turn right onto Town Line Rd (North)

    • HHS will be on your left (past Casey's)

  • There are a variety of activities to keep guests entertained in addition to the FIRST Robotics Competition Week Zero Scrimmage in the main Gymnasium.


    • Participate in robot scouting discussions

    • Create some STEM Crafts for kids

    • See some FIRST Tech Challenge robots

    • Interact with FIRST LEGO League members

    • Listen to teams practice and discuss their Impact Award presentations

  • Spectators and the general public should park in the South parking lots and enter through the "Cafeteria" Entrance.

    FRC teams and individuals assisting with loading/unloading their team's robot and pit materials should park and enter from the East "Main" Entrance.

  • Sunday, February 18, 2024


    7:00 AM:    Charger Robotics Crew arrives

    8:00 AM:    Teams arrive and set up their pits

    9:00 AM:    Building opens to the public

                       Topic Discussions (Scouting, Impact, Dean's List) start

                       Drivers' meeting ("G" Main Gym)

                       FRC field opens for practice following Drivers' meeting

    11:00 AM:  Topic Discussions (Scouting, Impact, Dean's List) end

                      FLL & FTC Demonstrations begin

    ​                  Lunch break

    12:00 PM:  FRC matches begin ("G" Main Gym)​

    5:00 PM:    FRC matches end ("G" Main Gym)

                       Field tear down

    5:30 PM:    Pits close

    8:00 PM:    Facility closed, doors locked

    The schedule is subject to change.  All times are estimated based on the flow of events.  See Pit Administration for updated times.

  • FIRST is offering events an option to use community developed NEXUS for FRC software to call teams to matches.

    Charger Robotics intends to use NEXUS for FRC at the Sussex Scrimmage. 


    Teams will receive a QR code for their team at Pit Administration, and additional QR codes will be posted throughout the facility for the general public to see match information and any schedule delays.

    Match Schedule
    FRCQ Team Guide
  • Concessions are available courtesy of the Charger Robotics Booster club.

    Credit Card payments are preferred.  Cash and Credit are accepted.

    Don't want to wait in line?

    The lunch line can often be long, but generally moves quickly.

    Charger Robotics introduced a pre-order lunch option since 2022 to make sure we had enough food and the right options available to serve teams quickly.  We'd love it if more teams participated in the pre-order lunch option!


    Teams can pre-order box lunches ahead of time using the link below.  Box lunches include (one) 6 inch sub sandwich, (one) bag of chips, and a beverage.

  • We have capacity for approximately 25 FRC teams to participate in the Sussex Scrimmage.

    The following teams are currently expected to attend the 2024 event: 

    • #537 - Charger Robotics (Sussex, WI)

    • #706 - Cyberhawks (Hartland, WI)

    • #930 - Mukwonago BEARs (Mukwonago, WI)

    • *** #1091 - Oriole Assault (Hartford, WI) ***

    • #1259 - Paradigm Shift (Pewaukee, WI)

    • *** #1714 - MORE Robotics (Milwaukee, WI) ***

    • *** #1716 - Redbird Robotics (De Pere, WI) ***

    • #1792 - Round Table Robotics (Oak Creek, WI)

    • #2077 - Laser Robotics (Wales, WI)

    • #2202 - BEAST Robotics (Brookfield, WI)

    • #2506 - Saber Robotics (Franklin, WI)

    • #2826 - WAVE Robotics (Oshkosh, WI)

    • #2830 - Riverside Robotigers (Milwaukee, WI)

    • #3197 - Hex Hounds (Cedarburg, WI)

    • *** #3381 - Droid Rage (Valders, WI) ***

    • #3596 - Rocket Robotics (South Milwaukee, WI)

    • #5096 - Teutonic Force (Germantown, WI)

    • #5148 - New Berlin Blitz (New Berlin, WI)

    • *** #5586 - Bond Brigade (Kiel, WI) ***

    • *** #6223 - Arsenal Engineering (Menomonee Falls, WI) ***

    • #6381 - Red Raider Robotics (Sheboygan, WI)

    • #6421 - WarriorBots (Muskego, WI)

    • #6574 - Ferradermis (Whitewater, WI)

    • #6823 - USM Robotics Wildcats (Milwaukee, WI)

    • *** #7103 - Robo Remedy (Manitowoc, WI) ***

    • *** #7619 - Illumiboti (Manitowoc, WI) ***

    • #7900 - Trial 'N Terror (Racine, WI) 

    • *** #8701 - GRAFFITI (Greendale, WI) ***

    • #9535 - The Knack (Hartland, WI)

    • *** #9578 - Player One ***

    Can't make it?

    Build season is tough on a lot of teams, and sometimes things don't come together in time to participate (or break right before our event). 


    Contact if your team is unable to attend so that we can issue refunds and allow a waitlist team to participate in your place.

  • Join the Waitlist

    Didn't register in time?  Contact to join our waitlist.


    Teams often have major issues with their robots or cancel in the days leading up to the event.  If a spot opens up, we'll get you in!  If not, you can always attend as spectators!

  • Please remember your Gracious Professionalism and be courteous to others who are trying to load-in or load-out.

    Teams are encouraged to arrive between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM.  This will minimize the number of teams attempting to navigate HHS hallways with heavy materials, toolboxes, and robots around the general public.

    Teams are asked to Stage & Load-In from the East side of the building (Main Entrance).  Charger Robotics members will be available to direct teams to their pit locations and assist with unloading pit materials and robots in the loading area if needed.  Teams are asked to quickly move their busses, trailers, and team vehicles following load-out to minimize wait times.

    We ask everyone to be patient and work with us as we try to move everyone through the process as efficiently as possible.

  • The Auxiliary Gymnasium will hold approximately 25 team pits.

    Each FRC team will have an assigned pit work space approximately 10 feet wide, 10 feet deep, and 10 feet high.  Some pits may have slightly less space or height than others due to layout constraints and event logistics.

    Please bring safety glasses and power extension cords!  Pit spaces will have access to a power source and will be within the range of Pit Administration announcements.

    Teams will also be provided a table upon request.  Tables may vary in size and construction due to the number of teams attending.  Charger Robotics requests that teams respect the table surfaces to minimize the likelihood of damage.

  • All teams are asked to please outfit all members, mentors, parents, and visitors associated with their teams with the proper protective gear while in the pits and near the FRC playing field.

    Extra safety glasses and hand-sanitizer should be packed along with your robot and drive station.  There will be a limited number of safety glasses and supplies available at pit admin for guests and VIPs.

  • Due to the number of teams registered for our event this year, some changes were made to pit layout and the number of bleachers to improve the safety and flow of people and materials during the event.

  • Charger Robotics is offering machine shop services to teams in need of manufactured items during the event. 


    Simply go to Pit Administration and a Charger Robotics crew member will escort you to the Machine Shop (marked with an "M" on the event map).

  • As this is the first event most FRC teams are participating in this season, design limitations or forgotten components are often discovered for the first time.  It is not unusual for teams to be in need of parts and supplies.

    Ace Hardware in Sussex, Wisconsin is the closest. 


    There are several Menards, Fleet Farm, Lowes, Home Depot, True Value, and other hardware and home improvement stores within a 15 minute drive.

  • Assisted by FRC #2506 - Saber Robotics!


    The purpose of the Scouting Discussion is to give teams the opportunity to share ideas, understand the value of different intelligence gathering, data acquisition, and data analysis methods, and to participate in Q&A sessions with other teams.


    The Scouting and Data Analysis Discussion will be in the Informational Media Center (IMC) between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

  • In an effort to recognize the leadership and dedication of FIRST’s most outstanding secondary school students, the Kamen family sponsors awards for selected 10th or 11th grade students known as the FIRST Robotics Competition®  and the FIRST Tech Challenge FIRST Dean’s List Award. 


    The purpose of the Dean's List Discussion is to give individual students who were nominated by their teams for the Dean’s List Award the opportunity to share ideas, practice their interview skills, and participate in Q&A sessions with other teams and previous Dean's List nominees.


    The Dean's List Discussion will be in Room #3 between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

  • Assisted by FRC #2202 - B'EAST Robotics and FRC #2830 - Riverside RoboTigers!

    The Impact Award is the most prestigious award at FIRST, it honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the mission of FIRST. It was created to keep the central focus of FIRST Robotics Competition on the ultimate goal of transforming the culture in ways that will inspire greater levels of respect and honor for science and technology, as well as encouraging more of today’s youth to become science and technology leaders. 


    The purpose of the Impact Award Exchange is to give teams who are applying for the Impact Award the opportunity to share ideas, practice their presentations, and participate in Q&A sessions with other teams.


    The Impact Award Exchange will be in the Little Theater between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

  • This event includes a live stream for remote viewing.

February 18, 2024

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