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How to choose a team name

Picking out a name for the season can be hard! Some teams choose to keep their name the same, while others change it year by year. In this video, we’ll explain how to create a fun team name your team will love.

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How to plan for the Season

Season Goals, Kanbans, Team Timelines, we’ll explain it all from the longest term planning to the shortest plans.

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How to make decisions

Figuring out how to involve the entire team while making sure everyone's voices are heard can be hard. We’ll explain the best ways to make decisions for your team in this video.

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How to decide your problem

Research, contacting experts, voting, we’ll take you through the steps of picking an impactful problem.

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How to brainstorm decisions

In this video, we’ll explain the best ways to brainstorm ideas as a team, make sure everyone’s voice is heard, and narrow down doable ideas.

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How to improve team fun

Simple outside of practice activities like among us or minecraft, core-values games in-practices, and a just team online chat can improve team communication, fun and teamwork. We’ll explain more in depth in this video.

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How to read the robot mission instructions

Reading the robot mission can be essential to plan for your 2;30 minute round.

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Mission / Motion - Creating a robot strategy

What is the overall goal of what you want your robot to achieve/be able to do by the end of the year? Does it want to be able to lift, push, pull, etc. Watch the Video to see how to use this to help your robot.

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Benefits of PID control

Acceleration, deceleration, correction of line follower, set point. All are benefits, watch the video to find out how it helps your programs.

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How to find Experts

Research possible experts, contacting them, interviewing, this video will explain how to find and work with experts!

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How to create questions for experts

Knowing what to ask experts in the interviews can be hard, but essential! Watch this video to find out how to create the best questions.

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Defining your problem and solution

In this video, we’ll explain how to use your research to come up with a clear solution and problem statement.

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How to make a script

This video will walk you through the steps of making an effective script to present to the judges. We’ll show you how to use the rubric to structure your presentation.

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How to create boards

Knowing what information to put on a tri-fold board can be hard, especially if you have to narrow it down! Watch this video to help you decide and design.

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Improve coaching - Volunteer at events

If you want to learn about how to be successful at competition, try volunteering at a competition. It gives you insight into what the judges are looking for and see how other teams are preparing.

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Preparing students for competition

Here are some suggestions on how to prepare for competition, focused on mock scrimmage

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How to prepare Robot Runs

Plan for competition robot runs using checklist and time trials to focus on communication and set-up.

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Basic Navigation of EV3 Mindstorm

Providing some of the basics for program and use the EV3 Mindstorm.

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Impact the community

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