Travel List

30 students and 11 mentors will be traveling to the Northern Lights Regional.  The coach bus sits 49 people, so there will be a minimum number of open seats.


Students (on coach bus)

Brookes, Gretchen

Clark, Ben

Critchley, Klaus

Dahlgren, Andrew "Drew"

Deepak, Akash

Durian, Scott

Eichmann, Kenneth

Facchini, Davi

Fuhr, Emilie

Gerovac, Kurt

Gorgen, Maddy

Gudimella, Srivally "Sri"

Huibregtse, Caleb

Konda Gopinath, Prathmesh

Lomax, Aiden

Maurer, Samuel "Sam"

Mitchell, Zion

Musialowski, Jack

Palmer, Katie

Patch, Dylan

Patil, Neha

Peterson, Nick

Polczynski, Lucas

Raghunath, Diya

Rogers, Owen

Singh, Aniket

Tlachac, Brooke

Toepfer, Peyton

Ungerer, Carly

Wambach, Logan

Wiltsey, Daniel "Dan"

Zhang, Derek

Advisors (bus)

Dave Woods

Morgan Swartzendruber


Mentors (bus)

Bowling, Courtney

Campbell, Nik

Dalzin, Austin

Rovge, Austin

Walters, Joseph

Wambach, Angela

Woods, Sarah


Van Eyck, Bruce

Weisbrod, Jerry

Weisbrod, Kristin

Wick, Allan


Room #1

  • Gretchen B

  • Katie P

  • Carly U

  • Maddy G

Room #2

  • Brooke T

  • Emilie F

  • Peyton T

Room #3

  • Diya R

  • Sri G

  • Neha P

Room #4

  • Klaus C

  • Kurt G

  • Drew D

  • Sam M

Room #5

  • Ben C

  • Nick P

  • Owen R

  • Jack M

Room #6

  • Kenneth E

  • Daniel W

  • Derek Z

  • Lucas P

Room #7

  • Scott D

  • Akash D

  • Prath K

Room #8

  • Aniket S

  • Davi F

  • Zion M

  • Logan W

Room #9

  • Caleb H

  • Dylan P

  • Garret F

  • Aiden L


Room #10

  • Dave Woods

  • Sarah Woods

Room #11

  • Morgan Swartzendruber

Room #12

  • Courtney Bowling

  • Angela Wambach

Room #13

  • Allan Wick

  • Austin Rovge

Room #14

  • Jerry Weisbrod

  • Kristin Weisbrod

Room #15

  • Austin Dalzin

  • Nik Campbell

Room #16

  • Bruce Van Eyck

  • Joseph Walters

Room #17

  • Bus Driver


Wednesday, March 2

08:15 AM  -  Arrive at HHS Robotics Garage

09:15 AM  -  Depart HHS

12:30 PM  -  Stop for Lunch (up to 1 hours)

                    2056 S Hastings Way, Eau Claire, WI 54701

                    Taco Bell, McDonalds, KFC, Culvers, Erberts and Gerberts, Milwaukee Burger

01:30 PM  -  Board bus & continue the trip

04:00 PM  -  Arrive at Hotel, check-in

05:45 PM  -  Pit Load-In team departs from Hotel

06:00 PM  -  Pit Load-In team arrives at Venue

09:00 PM  -  Pit Load-In team departs Venue

09:15 PM  -  Pit Load-in team arrives at Hotel, team meeting in meeting room

10:00 PM  -  Room checks

10:30 PM  -  Lights out

Thursday, March 3

07:45 AM*  -  Event (Pit) Load in (backup time slot)

08:00 AM  -  Drive & Pit team meets in Hotel Lobby

08:15 AM  -  Drive & Pit team departs Hotel

08:30 AM  -  Drive & Pit team arrives at Venue

                     Pits, Machine Shop, Registration, and Inspection Open

09:00 AM*  -  Driver's Meeting, Field Open for Measurement & Calibration

                       Scholarship Row Opens

                       FLL Jr., FLL, FTC Demonstrations Begin

09:45 AM  -  Team meets in Hotel Lobby

10:00 AM  -  Team departs Hotel

10:15 AM  -  Team arrives at Aquarium

11:00 AM*  -  Lunch

12:00 PM*  -  Practice Matches Begin

01:45 PM  -  Team departs Aquarium

02:00 PM  -  Team arrives at Venue

04:00 PM*  -  Scholarship Row Closes

                      FLL Jr., FLL, & FTC Demonstrations End

06:30 PM*  -  Practice Matches End

08:00 PM*  -  Pits and Machine Shop Close

08:30 PM  -  Team Dinner

09:45 PM  -  Arrive at Hotel

10:00 PM  -  Room Checks

10:30 PM  -  Lights out

Friday, March 4

07:15 AM  -  Meet in Hotel Lobby

07:30 AM  -  Depart Hotel

07:45 AM  -  Arrive at Venue

08:00 AM  -  Doors, Pits, and Machine Shop Open

08:30 AM  -  Opening Ceremonies

09:00 AM  -  Qualification Matches Begin

                     Scholarship Row Opens

12:00 PM  -  Lunch

01:00 PM  -  Qualification Matches Resume

04:00 PM  -  Scholarship Row Closes

05:45 PM  -  Awards Ceremony

06:15 PM  -  Pits close

07:00 PM  -  Team Dinner

08:30 PM  -  Arrive @ Hotel (start packing non-essentials)

09:30 PM  -  Room Checks

10:00 PM  -  Lights Out

Saturday, March 5

07:30 AM  -  Meet in Hotel Lobby

07:45 AM  -  Depart Hotel

                     (we're checking out... grab all belongings!)

08:00 AM  -  Pits & Machine Shop Open

08:30 AM  -  Opening Ceremonies

09:00 AM  -  Qualification Matches Begin

                     Scholarship Row Opens

                     FLL & FTC Demonstrations begin

11:00 AM  -  FLL & FTC Demonstrations end

12:15 PM  -  Alliance Selections

12:30 PM  -  Lunch

01:00 PM  -  Scholarship Row Closes

                     FLL Jr., FLL, & FTC Demonstrations End

01:30 PM  -  Elimination / Playoff Matches

04:30 PM  -  Awards Ceremony Begins

06:00 PM  -  Awards Ceremony Ends

06:30 PM  -  Pits Close

07:00 PM  -  Depart venue, begin return trip

07:15 PM  -  Team dinner / celebration

                    701 Belknap St, Superior, WI 54880

                    A&W, Burger King, Subway, Jimmy John's

08:15 PM  -  Board bus & begin the return trip

10:30 PM  -  Stop for Bathroom Break

                     2232 Otter Road, Eau Claire, WI 54701

                     Kwik Trip #459

10:50 PM  -  Board bus & continue the return trip

Sunday, March 6

02:00 AM  -  Arrive @ HHS, unload bus

02:30 AM  -  Depart HHS


Note: Schedule subject to change. All times are estimated based on flow of rounds and vehicle traffic patterns.


Travel Requirements

You are invited to travel with the team on 3/2/22 - 3/6/22 to the Northern Lights Regional if you are on the list, as long as all forms and money are turned in on time.

all forms are due on 02/22/2022 at 6:00 PM.

Permission Slip

Families must provide formal permission for their students to travel.


Students will be required to have their Permission Slip turned in on 2/24/22 @ 6 PM. 


If this is not turned in on time, your student will not be allowed to travel.


The permission slip can also be turned in to Mr. Washbush or Ms. Hinytz during the school day.


Academic Forms

Students will be required to have all of their teachers insert their academic grade, attitude "grade", and sign the form.

Students will be required to have their Academic Form turned in on 2/24/22 @ 6 PM. 


If this is not turned in on time, your student will not be allowed to travel.


The permission slip can also be turned in to Mr. Washbush or Ms. Hinytz during the school day.

MNDU2_2022_Academic Form.png
MNDU2_2022_Academic Form (music).png

Travel Fees

The travel fee for the Northern Lights Regional is expected to be $400, or to have sold a specified amount of Mini-Regional Raffle tickets.


Since raffle tickets are due on 2/17/22 @ 6 PM, a student list and the required amount will be sent out via email, and on the website, for those who sold raffle tickets to help cover their travel cost.

If this is not turned in on time, your student will not be allowed to travel.


The permission slip can also be turned in to Mr. Washbush or Ms. Hinytz during the school day.


Travel Fees

Charger Robotics' operating philosophy is not to profit from our members paying dues and fees.  Every reasonable effort is - and will continue to be - made to reduce the program cost to families.

Travel Fees will only be paid by members intending to travel to the event.  This helps the team cover the rest of their costs related to:

  • Hotel room rates

  • Transportation (i.e. Coach Bus) costs

  • Team meal on Friday

  • Etc.

The travel fee must be turned into Dave Woods and Morgan Swartzendruber no later than 6:00 PM Tuesday, 02/24/22.


Get others to pay your travel fees for you!


Charger Robotics provides opportunities for families to reduce their individual travel costs by over-achieving on individual fundraising targets.  It is recommended that students utilize these opportunities when possible.

  • Participants will have up to $2.00 removed from their travel fee for every Mini-Regional Raffle Ticket sold.

  • Participants who are instrumental in facilitating a financial sponsorship of Charger Robotics (as determined by Advisors) from local businesses, universities, industry partners, or other qualifying charitable organizations will have travel fees reduced by 20% of the sponsorship level.  Please complete the Student-Found Sponsors form to attain credit.

Note:  Fundraisers and sponsorships reduce travel fees for the current season.  Once travel fees are reduced to zero, any additional funds generated will be used to cover Charger Robotics operating expenses and offset costs of strategic projects and initiatives.

Note: Travel Fees will NOT be reimbursed to families if they find the trip unsatisfactory, or if they are sent home early.

School Attendance

Tuesday, March 1

  • All students traveling to the event are expected to be at school on Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 2  -  Friday, March 5

  • The entire travel team will be absent from school.

  • Other Charger Robotics members are expected to remain in attendance.

Monday, March 8

  • All students are expected to be in attendance.

  • Students on the travel team that do not return to school on Monday will not be allowed to participate at future competition events at the discretion of the Advisors.


Behavior Expectations

Hamilton School District requirements

  • All of the rules in the Hamilton School District Student Handbook, and in the Hamilton School District Board Policies apply during this trip.

  • Use common sense, be respectful, and behave responsibly.

  • There are a lot of concurrent activities happening at these events.  Advisors and mentors will have a lower tolerance on this trip than they may have had during Build Season.

Disciplinary Action

  • The Advisors are empowered by the District to terminate the student's participation in the trip if the student violates any rule in the Student Handbook or Board Policies.

  • Under these circumstances, parents will be required to pick up the student - or - the student will be sent home immediately by a common carrier at the parent's expense.

  • Students may also be subject to further disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or expulsion from school.


Packing List


  • Students will be expected to pay for their own lunch and dinner meals.

  • Know your student - plan dollar amounts accordingly.  An opportunity exists to coach them on establishing a daily budget.

NOTE:  A Pizza Party / Team Meal will be paid for on Friday night of the event.  All other meals must be purchased individually.

Personal Luggage

  • Up to two (2) small carry on bags (purse, camera bag, etc.)

  • One (1) medium carry on (back-pack)

  • One (1) "checked" piece (below the bus) approximately 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm)


  • Three (3) 2022 Charger Robotics "Rapid React" T-shirts

  • BLACK! pants (jeans, cargo pants, dress pants, etc. as long as they're black and appropriate)

  • Safety glasses

  • Proper closed-toed footwear (athletic shoes, safety shoes, etc.)

  • Sufficient undergarments, socks, etc. for a 5 or 6 day trip.

  • Pajamas (appropriate)

  • Comfortable, functional, and appropriate loungewear for the bus ride & hotel

  • Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly!

PRO-TIP:  Pack dryer sheets and stuff into shoes to reduce odor.

PRO-TIP:  Bring a plastic bag or luggage packing cubes to help separate and organize clean clothes from dirty / soiled clothes.


  • Pack any necessary and precautionary medication.

  • Precautionary medication to consider:

    • Tylenol/Acetaminophen​

    • Ibuprofen

    • Throat lozenges

    • Sudefed/cold medicine

    • Dramamine/motion sickness

  • If medication is necessary, please complete the medication form as part of the Field Trip Application, and consult Advisors for treatment / emergency procedures.​


  • Shampoo / conditioner

  • Body wash / soap

  • Deodorant / body spray

  • Toothbrush & Paste / Gel

  • General toiletries

  • Personal products

  • Foot powder

  • Spare towel

  • Febreze / room spray

  • Dryer sheets


  • Keep it simple.

  • Charger Robotics, Advisors, and Mentors are not responsible for lost, damaged, or misplaced items.

  • Pack appropriate power supplies & cables.

  • Students are expected to avoid damage to hotel room or bus equipment (i.e. from plugging game consoles into hotel TV's, etc.)




Canal Park Lodge

250 Canal Park Drive

Duluth, MN 55802



  • Students and mentors are expected to follow Hotel Staff & Advisor directions.

  • No smoking / vaping is allowed.

  • No alcohol is allowed.

  • Students and mentors are expected to act safely and professionally.

  • No illegal activity or sexual actions between students will be permitted during any part of the trip.

Note:  If such actions occur, parents will be expected to pick up their students immediately at their own expense!

Room Amenities

  • 2 Queen-sized Beds

  • Shower/Tub combination


  • Students are expected to be clean and professional each day of competition.

  • Students are expected to coordinate with their room mates to establish a shower & bathroom schedule.

  • Rooms are expected to maintained, orderly, and odor free.




  • Students may bring DVD's and Video Game Consoles.

  • Students may only view school appropriate content, movies, or shows during the trip.

  • Modifications to room layout that pose safety issues in emergency situations are not allowed.

  • Activities that threaten the damage to hotel room sprinkler system / fire alarms are not allowed.

  • Activities that involve loud noises or significant & time consuming clean-up (e.g. helium balloons, confetti, silly string, air horns, etc.) are not allowed.

Note: Remember to bring appropriate cables and power supplies, and to lock your rooms when leaving.

Note: Be very careful to avoid safety issues and damage to hotel property when connecting devices and cables! Room damages will be charged to students & families occupying the room!

Note: Advisors have access to student room channel access, movie purchases, and viewing history.

Note: Charger Robotics is NOT responsible for lost, damaged, or misplaced items!


Room Assignments

Room Expectations

  • Students are assigned hotel rooms (4 students per room).

  • All team members are expected to be in their room or in the company of an adult mentor / chaperone.

  • No student may be in another student's room without Advisor approval and/or the presence of a mentor.

  • Students may not trade rooms with other students without Advisor approval.

Note: The Advisors strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for students and mentors. Advisors are to be granted access to student hotel rooms upon request. Advisors may search a student's hotel room as determined necessary or appropriate without notice or consent of the student.


Any unauthorized items found in the room may be removed, confiscated, or held for disciplinary proceedings, turned over to law enforcement officials, or returned to the parent/guardian(s) of the student.


Transportation - Coach Bus


  • Students and mentors are expected to follow Bus Driver & Advisor directions.

  • No smoking / vaping is allowed on the vehicle.

  • No alcohol is allowed on the vehicle.

  • No glass containers are allowed on the vehicle.

  • Dairy items are not allowed on the vehicle.

  • Students and mentors are expected to act safely and professionally.

  • Remain seated while the bus is in motion when reasonably possible.

NOTE:  If a parent plans to personally drive their students home from the competition instead of on the bus, they must complete and turn in the school's parent release form to the Advisors by Thursday, 02/17/2022.  The release form is available at the office.

Head Count

  • The Advisors will conduct a student headcount after each boarding of the bus.

  • Students are expected to clearly and professionally announce their - and only their - presence.

Seating Arrangements

  • There are no specifically assigned seats on the bus.

  • Advisors may assign seats if problems arise.


  • Students may bring DVD's to be watched via bus monitors.

  • Movies will be chosen based on student vote & mentor discretion.

  • DJ stage lighting, fog machines, laser displays, and loud music will not be allowed on the bus.

  • Helium, Argon, and other gas pressure vessels are not allowed on the bus.

Trash & Bio-Waste

  • Anything brought on the bus must be taken with you.

  • Students are expected to place their trash and recycling in the receptacles provided at each bus stop.

  • When possible, help improve the travel experience by reserving the bus lavatory for liquid waste only (i.e. wait until we stop for #2 if you can help it).

NOTE:  We are on this bus for several days.  Please keep things organized, clean, and odorless!


Arena & Event Location


DECC Arena/Edmund Fitzgerald Exhibit Hall
Duluth Entertainment Convention Center
350 Harbor Drive
Duluth, MN 55802 USA


(218) 722-5573


  • Students and mentors are expected to follow Event Staff, Event Volunteer, and Advisor directions.

  • No Smoking / vaping is allowed.

  • No alcohol is allowed.

  • Students and mentors are expected to act safely and professionally.


Health Policy

To summarize:

  • It's a Private Event (restricted entry).

  • We can bring a limited number of people.

  • Face Masks are Required for Everyone.

Face shields, bandanas, gaiters, and masks with exhaust valves don't count!
  • Daily Health Screenings are Required.

  • If you're sick, you can't enter the arena.

  • No high-fives or hand shaking.

2022-MNDU2 Policy.png

Additional information can be found at the FIRST Upper Midwest website: