As a mentor of Charger Robotics, you are a key ingredient to the success of the students and the team.  Your contribution to the success of our STEM programs has a lasting impact on our community.

Mentors can bring both technical and non-technical expertise to the team, and provide opportunities for students to learn directly through experiences.

You don't have to be an engineer to be a mentor!

Many of our best mentors are parents, teachers, and alumni.

While time commitment is often a concern, many mentors contribute on a weekly basis during the competition season, or support the team with subject matter expertise on an as-needed basis.


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Mentoring is the process by which an experienced person provides advice, support, and encouragement to a less experienced person.


Every adult on a FIRST team is a mentor simply because they lead through guidance and example (intentional or otherwise).

It is important for every adult to remember that there are responsibilities that come with the adult/student relationship.  Young people look up to people they trust and respect and will look to mentors as their role models, and they will closely watch the adults’ actions and see their behavior as appropriate.

Charger Robotics mentors are expected to know and follow the FIRST Mentoring Guidelines.



If you have made a purchase on behalf of Charger Robotics, please use one of these forms to request reimbursement.

Completed documents can be emailed or physically delivered to the Advisors.

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