Members of Charger Robotics simultaneously belong to three different organizations and must fulfill the requirements of all three.

These requirements are outlined in detail below.


Requirements from the Hamilton School District

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Requirements from Charger Robotics


Requirements from the FIRST organization

hamilton school district requirements

Charger Robotics is classified as a "Competitive, Non-Athletic Extra-Curricular Activity".  Therefore, most of the procedures required for other competitive activities (e.g. sports and althetics) must be followed, with exception to those forms and procedures relating specifically to physical ability and athletic performance.

Charger Robotics is NOT classified as a "Club" or "Special Interest Activity".

step 1:  view the parent/player presentation

Make sure to enter Parent's Name and Participant's Name in the boxes below the video, and click the check box acknowledging that you viewed the presentation and understand the policies that were outlined.

step 2:  review the co-curricular handbook

Note that the WIAA Physical Form, the Concussion Verification Form, and the Froedtert Consent for Athletic Training Services are not required for Charger Robotics.

step 3:  sign the co-curricular contract

Signed contracts should be turned in to the Advisors.

step 4:  complete the emergency card

Students will not be allowed to operate machinery, robots, or use power tools unless this sheet has been turned into the Advisors.

step 5:  Pay the user activity fee

This $75.00 user fee applies only to students at Hamilton High School (Grades 9 - 12).

Fees can be paid online via infinite campus, or submitted via check with "Activity Fee - Robotics" written in the Memo Line.

Any un-paid fees from the previous year must also be paid in order to participate.


charger robotics requirements

There are two basic requirements to be a member of Charger Robotics:  Help to acheive program goals, and communicate with us.

Note that there may be additional requirements to participate in specific activities, events, or travel.  Advisors will outline these requirements (including academics, attendance, travel fees, etc.) prior to these events.

step 1:  review the handbook

Charger Robotics is a relatively complex organization encompassing a wide range of activities, compared to most extra-curricular activities.  The handbook intends to be a single-source for most of the information pertaining to the program.

step 2:  sign the code of conduct & release

Signed forms should be turned in to the Advisors.

step 3:  join our email group

Team Advisors will send out important information and announcements via email, as well as periodic status updates and requests.

To join our Student Email Group

To join our Parent & Guardian Email Group

step 4:  join our remind101

Team Advisors will send reminders and time-critical texts via the Remind App.  This is most helpful to receive updates during important events, demonstrations, or competitions.

To join our Remind101

  • Text "Robog" to 81010


step 5:  assist with Events & activities

Parent(s) or Guardian(s) must sign up to assist with at least one Saturday lunch, and are strongly encouraged to participate in additional Booster Club Supported meals, fundraisers, and events.

Students are expected to volunteer and assist with set-up / tear-down activities for our key demonstrations & hosted events (e.g. Mini-Regional).

All parents & guardians are automatically part of the Charger Robotics Booster Club.  While no member fees are requested, attendance and participation in Booster Club activities is strongly encouraged!

Additionally, students struggling to meet academic thresholds (C- or above) may be sent home to focus on their schoolwork.

Note:  Students seeking leadership positions within the Charger Robotics organizational structure must be cognizant of their extra-curricular workload.  Leaders found to have frequent schedule conflicts - or who are otherwise found to be unable to perform the duties required - will be removed from their leadership position.


FIRST requirements

The majority of activities undertaken by Charger Robotics align to a specific FIRST program.

FIRST requires its participants to create a log-in on their website, and sign a few acknowledgment and consent forms.

step 1:  create a log-in

Go to and click "Sign Up" or "Log In" in the upper right.

step 2:  sign the consent & release form

From the, click the arrow in the upper right corner.  There should be a notification near "acknowledgment forms".

This must be done every year!

step 3:  acknowledge terms & conditions

Also from the, under your profile settings in the upper right corner.

step 4:  acknowledge youth protection policy

All team mentors must go through Youth Protection Screening.  Additional Youth Protection Training is available from SCHOOLOGY.  Students and parents should be made aware of these procedures.

step 5:  acknowledge first's code of conduct

Also from the, under your profile settings in the upper right corner.

step 6:  acknowledge first's privacy policy

Also from the, under your profile settings in the upper right corner.

program cost


Charger Robotics annual operating costs are approximately $100,000 (FRC + FTC), which works out to ~$2,000 per student.  This is not what we're asking you to pay, it's just the amount of money it takes to provide your student with the typical Charger Robotics experience.

what you actually pay


Charger Robotics attempts to keep student and parent contributions to a minimum by using donations and fundraising income to help offset all team costs.  However, external funding has been known to vary significantly year-to-year. 


Some costs may be partially or fully borne by students and their families:

  • HHS Activity Fee ($75 / high school student / activity)

  • Team attire (shirts, generally $15)

  • Travel, meals at local competitions/events (generally $50 / day)

  • Travel, meals, and lodging at distant/overnight competitions/events (generally $130 / day)

2019 - 2020 travel fees

Attendance at competitions is strongly encouraged for all team members; and is mandatory for team leadership and students in critical competition roles (drivers, awards, scouting, pits, etc.).  Charger Robotics will do our best to provide financial support if event attendance cost is too expensive for a team member in critical competition roles.


You have the opportunity to avoid paying travel fees by selling WI FIRST Raffle Tickets!

Every student has the opportunity to travel for as low as $0.00 by participating in team fundraisers.  Families have the option to reduce their travel fees by selling WI FIRST Raffle tickets.  Travel fees will be reduced by $2.15 for every ticket sold by that individual student.  Travel fee equivalent is discounted as an additional incentive to spread the word and educate the community about our programs by selling tickets.

Travel fees can be used and accumulated until that student exits the program.  For families with multiple students in the program, ticket sales can be shared between immediate family members (i.e. siblings), provided there is continuity (i.e. 4 school years apart or less).

Profits generated from Raffle ticket sales will NOT be reimbursed to team members.  Unused sales will help cover Charger Robotics expenses and further improve our program.

Get other people to pay your travel fees by selling WI FIRST Raffle Tickets!

Have a chance at winning cash and prizes by selling WI FIRST Raffle Tickets!

frc regional #1 (Typically travel req'd):

200 tickets  or  $400

$400 / student (about $100 per day), or sell 200 WI FIRST Raffle Tickets.

NOTE:  Regional location can drastically change this price, but plan for something in the neighborhood of $300 to $400 per student.

This helps cover the cost of transportation, parking, lodging, a pizza dinner, participation in the team social event, and other expenses related to ensuring the students have a positive experience at the competition.  The coach bus and hotel accommodations have the most significant impact on travel fees.  Typically 32 to 36 students travel to this type of event.


frc regional #2 (Typically local):

70 tickets  or  $140

$140 / student (~$45 per day), or sell 70 WI FIRST Raffle Tickets.

This helps cover the cost of transportation, parking, participation in the team social event, and other expenses related to ensuring the students have a positive experience at the competition.  Approximately 40 students travel to this event.


world championship:

180 tickets  or  ~$360

$395 / student (~$130 per day), or sell 150 WI FIRST Raffle Tickets.

If the FRC team qualifies, this helps cover the cost of transportation, parking, lodging, a pizza dinner, participation in the team social event, and other expenses related to ensuring the students have a positive experience at the competition.  Typically 32 to 36 students travel to this event.


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