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Charger Robotics FIRST ® Tech Challenge teams can have up to 8 team members, grades 8-12.  Students enrolled at Templeton Middle School and Hamilton High School are eligible.


Following a sports model, students are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to compete in a head-to-head challenge in an alliance format.

Guided by adult coaches and mentors, students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and sharing ideas.  Teams are required to develop strategy and build robots based on sound engineering principles.  Awards are given for the competition, community outreach, design, and to celebrate other real-world accomplishments.

Students get to:

  • Develop problem-solving, organizational, and team-building skills

  • Apply real-world math and science concepts

  • Design, build, and program robots

  • Compete and cooperate in alliances and tournaments

  • Access over $80 million in college scholarships


For more information about FIRST in your area:

(603) 666-3906

(800) 871-8326



Charger Robotics expresses the FIRST® philosophies of Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® through Core Values:

  • DISCOVERY:  We explore new skills and ideas

  • INNOVATION:  We use creativity and persistence to solve problems

  • IMPACT:  We apply what we learn to improve our world

  • INCLUSION:  We respect each other and embrace our differences

  • TEAMWORK:  We are stronger when we work together

  • FUN:  We enjoy and celebrate what we do


Gracious professionalism is part of the ethos of FIRST.  It's a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community.

With Gracious Professionalism, fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate notions.  Gracious professionals learn and compete like crazy, but treat one another with respect and kindness in the process.  They avoid treating anyone like losers.  No chest-thumping tough talk, and no sticky-sweet platitudes either.  Knowledge, competition and empathy are comfortably blended.

In the long run, Gracious Professionalism is part of pursuing a meaningful life.  One can add to society and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing one has acted with integrity and sensitivity.


Get ready for Power Play!


Charger Robotics students have the option to join one of six (6) FIRST Tech Challenge teams. 


While all six teams operate out of the same facility and are all under the Charger Robotics umbrella, these teams are each have their own operating philosophies and methods.  Teams are encouraged to experiment, discover, innovate, and share best practices to benefit the entire organization.


Facility Map

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