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As a parent or guardian of a Charger Robotics student, you are automatically a member of the Charger Robotics Booster Club.  Your contribution to the success of our STEM programs has a lasting impact on our community.

Boosters coordinate and execute a variety of important fundraisers for our teams.  The money raised is used to help purchase strategic materials for our team and reduce the program costs to families.

During busy and time-critical parts of the year, like the FIRST Robotics Competition build season, the Boosters organize and host Saturday lunches to help "Feed the Geeks".  This allows students and mentors to take a quick break and consume some much-needed calories without the time and effort needed to coordinate a food run.

Finally, the Boosters support various team social activities, from "Bowling for 'Bots" to team barbeque events at Village Park in Sussex.

get started

Want to get involved?  Attend our next Booster Club Meeting or volunteer to assist with our next fundraiser!


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